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EXPAND and the 2023 future united awards take place on 19 September 2023 alongside the 78th UN General Assembly. Future United is a global health initiative launched last year by GBCHealth, drawing together businesses, NGOs, governments, entrepreneurs & investors to work together to future-proof the world against the global health challenges facing us all. If you'd like to sponsor EXPAND, or nominate a person or organization for a 2023 Future United award, please read on.

Will you shape the future with us?

What is GBCHealth?

An experienced, trusted, NGO addressing the world's most pressing global health challenges.  We unlock the power of global business - in terms of strategic investment & intellectual capital - and connect that power to transform the world's health, for the benefit of all.

What is future united?

A global initiative delivering a series events, strategies, roadmaps, expertise & connections that take a cross-sectoral approach to the most pressing global health challenges facing the planet. 

What is EXPAND?

EXPAND is the GBCHealth's second annual New York event, following hot on the heals of the launch of our Future United inititative in 2022. It's a challenge to the private sector to expand their work in global health, while also featuring winners of the 2023 Future United Awards.

Why now?

Health inequity is now a systemic risk. The business case for investing in global health is incontrovertible. Just as in 2001 when we led a coordinated response to HIV / AIDS, now is the time to create the same, global, change.

Our overall objective is to unite, organize & equip a coalition of businesses to come together to help protect their ecosystems – employees, their families & communities, supply chain & customers - from current & future pandemics.

Our focus is health equity and how to address new global health threats such as AMR, climate change, food insecurity, water shortages and future pandemics.

How can I / my organization get involved?

At a top level, we're welcoming a select group of global partners from the private sector who are looking to invest in global health and the security of their workforce, supply chains & ecosystems.  Global partners receive priority access to our intelligence, contacts, reports & programs.

Other opportunities include event sponsorship, and also partnerships on collaborative projects & programs where we welcome intellectual, technical and financial support.

To find out more about how to get involved as a partner or sponsor, or to register to be invited to our future events, please email the team.

What are the Future United awards?

The awards applaud boldness, creative solutions, and inspiration, and recognize the lodestars, provocateurs, multipliers, collaborators & futurists doing incredible things to change how people experience health.

How can I nominate?

Head to this page by no later than the 31 July August, and tell us who you'd like to nominate and why. We'll follow up directly with the nominated entity within 24 hours, and make sure that they know that you nominated them! 

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, you absolutely can. Head to the nomination page and use the form at the top of the page. Simply enter your name (and organization if appropriate), and the process will follow on as per a standard nomination.

Know any global health heroes? Go to to nominate.
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Our future united vision. 

The 2022 future united awards winners

Our inaugural awards went to individuals & organizations - both for-profit & non-profit - achieving extraordinary results in the field of global health, and impacting communities, countries, and continents.

The Collaborator Award

individuals or organizations that cross boundaries to fuse skills & experience, achieving extraordinary results

The Futurist Award

the future seeking, innovating, 'ahead of the curve' companies that stand to change the future of global health

The Lodestar Award

inspiring individuals & organizations that stand out from the crowds, and that blaze a trail for us all to follow

The Provocateur Award

for those unafraid to challenge the status quo, that reveal new ways to access & experience health

The Multiplier Award

the 'on the ground' organizations that deliver vital hands-on health, and have amplifed their impact repeatedly

We're a global business coalition that changes lives

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